Our Partners

Strong Partnership is a
Recipe for Good Success

During a long period of a market players we build a good partnership data base of strong and prospective partners who are a part of our team now. This companies are professionals in their own directions and are a strong market player’s. We choose the best and strong partners who are a high professional’s in their individual market sectors. That is why we match all the requirements of our clients because of our partners had the same vision, scores and targets as we are.


Our Partners

STCW Courses with MANILA AMENDMENTS, Courses on demand, On board training, In-house training, WEBINAR training, Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses .

STCW Courses with MANILA AMENDMENTS, Global wind organisation (GWO) courses, OPITO BOSIET including HUET & EBS + CA-EBS, High Voltage Training, Basic H2S Training, Confined space entry, Banksman & Slinger Training STAGE 1, Chester step test, TELEHANDLER practical course, Cherry picker practical course, Inspection of lifting equipment, Working at heights & rescue.

GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART), GWO Basic Safety Training (BST), GWO Basic Technical Training (BTT), IRATA Rope access L1 – L3, Electrical engineers and technicians training programs, HSE courses for manager and employees, B-VCA Basic elements of safety, VCA – VOL Safety for Operational Supervisors, Quality management courses (TÜV), Welding and metal surface treatment courses, Non-destructive testing courses, Foreign language training programs.

OPITO Rigger, Banksman & Slinger stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 can be done in several different combinations.

STCW Courses with MANILA AMENDMENTS, Global wind organisation (GWO) courses, OPITO BOSIET, OPITO HUET & EBS, OPITO CA-EBS, OPITO MIST, High Voltage Training, Basic H2S Training, Confined space entry, Chester step test, Shoulder Measurement, Boat Landing & Transfer course, Confined Enclosed Space Entry, Working at heights & rescue.

Medical Institution licensed by Latvian Maritime Authorities for seafarer’s health check for merchant and offshore industries certifications. Chester step-test, Shoulder Measurement certificate, Flag state medical fitness certificates: Antigua- Barbuda, Bahamas, Belgian, Belize, Carneval, Carribean, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Danish, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italian, Liberian, Malta, Marshal Islands, Norwegian, Norwegian Offshore, Panama, Romania, Stolt, Singapore, Swedish, Vanuatu.
UK Offshore (OGUK), OGUK Certificate of Fitness to Participate in ERT Duties.

DNV GL is an international certification and classification society whose key competence is risk assessment, consulting and management. Created in 2013 as a result of the merger of two organizations – Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd .

DNV GL is the largest classification society, with a register of 13175 vessels and mobile offshore installations with a total displacement of 265.4 million tons, which represents 21% of the world market. The company is the center of competence in the following areas: renewable, alternative and traditional energy sources, offshore and onshore wind, wave and solar power plants, oil and gas. 65% of all subsea pipelines are designed and built according to DNV GL technical standards. The organization is one of the largest certification societies.

IRATA Rope access L1 – L3, Electrical engineers and technicians training programs, B-VCA Basic elements of safety, Scaffold training and installations.

Rigger,  Slinger, Banksman, Working at heights, Human heavy lift operator, Master type lift / lift operator, Lift operator / MEWP’s operator, LIFESTYLE OPERATOR (for lifting people) (MEWP / Cherry Picker / Sky Lift), Work in closed rooms / closed environment (Confined spases entry), ER TYPE LIFT / LIFT OPERATOR, LIFT OPERATOR, MINI FRONT LOADER OPERATOR, Technical Supervision of Dangerous Equipment, CARGO / ELECTRIC MOTOR OPERATOR, TELESCOPIC COLLECTOR OPERATOR, ELECTRIC MOTOR (electrocar) OPERATORS, CARRIER MANAGER, WORK SECURITY COURSE, IRE SAFETY, FIRE-FIGHTING WORKS (HOT WORK), ASBESTOS DEMONSTRATION WORKS (FINLAND, AVI), FIRST AID TRAINING ( First Aid Cards EA1 – Sweden, Finland), FIRE SAFETY AND PROTECTION, HIGHER EDUCATION, WORK WITH ASBESTOS, OWN CONTROL MANAGER, The minimum hygiene requirements for food company (Sanitary minimum)

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